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The Binomo trading platform is offered in English and Hindi. They provide us as web-based, android mobile, and ios mobile apps, which can be downloaded from the app stores. Experience with the trading platform was an amazing yet simple user interface, easy to navigate, yet presenting an awesome user experience. So, are you new to options trading and you’re kind of dazzled by the presentation of some trading platforms out there? Well, the Binomo trading platform is built with you in mind. You can start trading by simply selecting an asset you are interested in; enter the amount you will like to invest on that particular asset; set an expiration period for the transaction, and determine the direction of movement for your chosen asset.
Haven come this far, you may conclude by clicking on either one of the two up (green) or down (red) buttons that are inclined to your anticipated forecast. The results of your trades are displayed in the transactions window, with profits or loss added or deducted from your account balance as the case may be.

Binomo Review

Binomo Home Page Screenshot Binomo Trading Platform Screenshot

Binomo is a binary options broker we originally checked out back in 2016. The site is owned and operated by Dolphin Corp., a company located in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Since our initial review, the company has made a number of changes to its site and services, some large, others small. At first glance, we thought Binomo had improved, but taking a closer look, there are still some glaring problems.

In terms of rules and regulations, Binomo still does not accept customers from the USA. They are a member of the international self-regulating body The Financial Commission.

Opening Your Binomo Account

You can fund your account using credit or debit card, bank transfer, Yandex.Money, QIWI, WebMoney, or Neteller, and may trade in US dollar, Great Britain pound, euro, or Russian ruble.

Binomo now offers account tiers. In the past, they didn’t. You can choose from:

  • Standard: $10+
  • Gold: $500+
  • VIP: $1,000+

As best as we can tell, bonuses are only offered at the VIP level (up to 100% match on your deposit). These bonuses are larger than the match bonuses which the company offered in the past.

At the most basic level, you can get profits up to 85% on winning trades. You may also participate in tournaments (which are new since the previous review as well). Profits can be withdrawn within 3 working days. Reportedly, if you top up your account, a “wide range of bonuses” are available.

At the Gold level, the assets list is expanded, trades yield profits as high as 86%, and withdrawals can be made within 24 hours. You also get a personal manager and get 5% weekly cash-back. At the VIP level, profits can range as high as 87%, and you can withdraw in under 4 hours. You get a wider asset list, analytical assistance on Skype, the ability to insure your trade, and 10% weekly cash-back.

Binomo now makes a demo account available as well so you can practice on their proprietary platform before trading live with real funds. This looks to be a great feature, because it seems to be unrestricted. You can use it as long as you need Binomo 회사 to and only risk real money when you are really ready to trade live.

Withdrawal rules are unchanged. There is a $10 minimum threshold (not bad). So long as you have turned over the funds in your account twice, your withdrawals are all free. Otherwise, you have to pay a 10% fee.

Trading on Binomo

Binomo’s proprietary platform looks much as it did last time we looked at it. It has a sleek, minimalist vibe, and stands out visually from other trading platforms which are commonly used by competitors.

Binomo originally had a $1 minimum trade size and a $1,000 maximum trade size. They then raised this to $2 minimum and $2,000 maximum. Since then, they have dropped it right back down to $1 and $1,000 respectively. This is sensible and in keeping with the small account holders that Binomo is targeting with its services. After all, you only have to deposit $1,000 to get a VIP account with top tier benefits.

Trade tools like early close, double up, and rollover are still absent. There have however been some useful new educational features added which can help you with your trading. There is a knowledge base, video tutorials (those are really basic though), and strategies. There are actually quite a few strategies, so that is one of Binomo’s better features.

Customer Service Remains Quite Useless

In theory, you can reach customer service on Binomo via Skype, email, web form, paper mail, or live chat. There is however little reason to have any faith in the company’s staff given my experiences.

Over a year ago, we had sent the company an email asking them for their full asset list. We have never received a reply.

Today we started a live chat and asked another simple question. The agent, one “Nikolay,” left us a form response stating, “Hello. Please send your message to our e-mail ([email protected]), the English-speaking manager will answer it as soon as Binomo 회사 he’s back to work.”

This inspired no confidence, being as we have previously emailed a question to the company and received no response in over a year. So we wrote back telling the agent as much.

The agent then left the chat without another word, which essentially confirmed exactly what we had said. We realize if he really did have a language difference, perhaps we are being overly critical here, but if he didn’t, what he did was blatantly unprofessional. Regardless, between these two incidents, we are not impressed by Binomo’s customer service, which seems virtually nonexistent.

Conclusion: Binomo Has Improved in Some Departments, Remained the Same in Others

Binomo has certainly evolved in certain respects. The demo account, tournaments, and new account tiers all are definite steps forward when it comes to improving features. Educational resources have been expanded, and new promotions like cash-back add value to the account packages.

But nothing has redeemed Binomo’s terrible customer service. In fact, the team has remained consistently useless. We would not feel at all comfortable sending money to a company that cannot be bothered to answer the simplest question, and which leaves the chat line without waiting for us to leave first (after ignoring our last statement).

At this point, we would give more or less the same recommendation we did in the past. We will not say you should definitely avoid Binomo, but if you do trade at this site, do so with great caution. Use the site to demo test or to trade with a minimal investment. Otherwise, consider heading elsewhere; there are many brokers offering better service and where we would feel more comfortable referring traders.

Apa Itu Binomo

Apa itu Binomo — Binomo adalah perusahaan Eropa yang telah menyediakan layanan pialang

Binomo adalah perusahaan Eropa yang telah menyediakan layanan pialang di pasar Indonesia sejak tahun 2014, yaitu lebih dari 8 tahun. Binomo menawarkan sikon dagang yang top optimal untuk trading. Punya terminal perdagangan super modern dan beragam pilihan layanan tambahan. Tersedia pelatihan berkualitas tinggi, analitik, Binomo 회사 dan dukungan maksimal terhadap pelanggan (baca: trader).

Binomo itu apa nama cabang Tiburon Corp.Ltd. yang berkantor pusat (fisik) di Seychelles.

  1. Sound & Vision-House (Lt.2, Suite 1) di Francis-R.-Str., Victoria (Seychelles).
  2. Stagord Resources Ltd. (Lt. 4, Irene Build., Nicosia, Cyprus).

Pada Agustus 2022, Binomo punya gawe ultah ke-8. Inilah sikon aktual Binomo 회사 ketika itu:

  1. Sedikitnya ada 40 ribu trader setiap harinya yang melakukan proses trading.
  2. Ada akses lebih dari 133 negara dari semua benua.

Apa Itu Binomo dan Cara Kerjanya

Binomo Itu Apa

    trading merupakan lakonnya Broker Trading kelas dunia.
  1. Menurut referensi pelanggan, broker Binomo dianggap sebagai perusahaan yang sangat andal, berkualitas tinggi, dan kemampuan canggih dalam analisis.
  2. Pelanggan disajikan mekanisme sederhana yang maksimal untuk membayar keuntungan trading.
  3. Pemrosesan transfer super cepat (max. 24 jam).

Cara Kerja Binomo

Cara Kerja Binomo — Strategi dan Testimoni

  1. Selain penetapan parameter rendah dari sikon trading, broker Binomo menyajikan perlindungan dari kerugian (program cash-back atau uang kembali) sebesar 5% untuk emas (mulai dari €500) dan 10% untuk akun Binomo 회사 VIP (mulai dari €1.000).
  2. Binomo online juga rutin menyelenggarakan promosi, kompetisi, dan turnamen untuk akun trading dan demo. Ini memungkinkan setiap trader untuk meningkatkan volume dana operasional berdasarkan modal broker dan melalui profesionalisme mereka sendiri. Yang membanggakan: Binomo mendapatkan FE dan IAIR AWARDS, serta kategori A dari Komisi Finansial.
  3. Binomo sebagai pialang handal terus-menerus memperluas daftar nilai-nilai basisnya. Saat ini tersedia daftar lebih dari 80 berbagai jenis: sepasang satuan uang suatu negara dari valuta utama internasional, saham-saham pebisnis terkemuka dan besar di dunia, meliputi pula logam-logam mulia layaknya emas (Gold), perak (Silver), juga komoditas semisal minyak bumi dari merek Brent.

Manfaat Binomo Trading

Manfaat Binomo Trading — Platform-nya Nyaman. Tersedia platform secara penuh namun sederhana dan berkualitas tinggi untuk perdagangan profesional dengan berbagai potensi teknis.

  1. Platform Binomo Nyaman. Tersedia platform secara penuh namun sederhana dan berkualitas tinggi untuk perdagangan profesional dengan berbagai potensi teknis.
  2. Transaksi Minim Abis: mulai $1. Jumlah awal yang begini minim memungkikan trader untuk belajar cara trading. Anggaplah nilai sekecil itu untuk investasi pelajaran. Murah, bukan?
  3. Akun Demo. Ini diatur secara jelas di terminal utama. Suatu keuntungan hebat yang membuat pendatang baru mendapat pengalaman trading. Bagi yang profi, platform demo ini bisa dipakai untuk meriset dan/atau menyelidiki situasi pasar trading. Nggak perlu menunggu, cepatlah daftar dan dapatkan $1.000 di akun demo.
  4. Tersedia Berbagai Opsi Layanan Bayar. Inipun masih dipercepat dengan proses ekspres yang aman untuk transfer finansial: menarik duit atau setor dana.
  5. Trading Kontinyu Non-stop. Ada tertulis sebuah idiom, bahwa sang kala ibaratnya wujud lain dari duit. Karenanya jangan menanti sampai transaksi lewat. Saran: buka beberapa satu demi satu sehingga proses trading tidak terhenti.
  6. Bekerja Saat Week-end. Sementara banyak manusia menghabiskan duit melewati akhir pekan di lokasi tamasya penuh sesak orang berlibur, Anda sebaiknya trading supaya mendapat duit.

Tipe Akun Binomo Indonesia

Akun ini dapat dibuka tanpa modal awal dari pelanggan, semacam simulator trading yang jos, memanfaatkan sarana maya/virtual guna memberi gambaran tentang semuanya menyangkut proses trading dan sarana yang sangat efisien untuk strategi pengujian. Saat membuka akun, pelanggan menerima akses ke semua fasilitas layanan utama broker.

Nilai investasi mulai €10. Jumlah perdagangan minimum membuka akses ke pasar (opsi) riil dan ke semua layanan utama Binomo. Macam akun tipe ini cenderung menyarankan kontrak kepada trader dengan hasil hingga 85% dan memungkinkan mereka untuk berpartisipasi di promosi dan berbagai turnamen. Selain itu disediakan dukungan analitis.

Investasi diawali mulai €500. Di sini trader menerima daftar aset dasar yang diperluas untuk trading, tutup kontrak dengan distribusi hingga 86%, asuransi barang-barang perdagangan dengan bonus, kemungkinan untuk bekerja dengan manajer pribadi dan perlindungan kerugian sebesar 5% dari jumlah investasi (jika terjadi kesalahan transaksi).

Dimulai dengan €1000. Akun ini menawarkan daftar lengkap layanan dan opsi tersaji Binomo: perlindungan kerugian hingga 10%, bekerja dengan manajer pribadi melalui Skype, pembayaran keuntungan dalam waktu 4 jam, opsi dengan pengembalian hingga 90% dan pilihan maksimum dari nilai-nilai basis.

Binomo menyajikan 4 macam account untuk trading, yang memiliki kelebihan tertentu di samping daftar utama layanan perdagangan.

Cara Pembukaan dan Pembayaran Akun Binomo

    Sebagai broker, Binomo menawarkan format klasik untuk pendaftaran;
  • Isilah formulir secara interaktif;
  • Menentukan tipe account;
  • Menentukan mata uang setoran;
  • Seluruh proses ketika membuka akun perdagangan atau demo membutuhkan waktu maksimum 2 hingga 3 menit.

Binomo mengakui sistem berikut untuk pengisian kredit dan pembayaran: Master Card (yang populer), VISA, WebMoney, QIWI, dan Neteller. Dengan begitu, transfer keuangan antara pelanggan dan perusahaan Binomo 회사 dapat diatur sejelas mungkin.

Perjanjian kemitraan menyediakan maksimal 24 (dua-puluh-empat) jam bagi trader untuk menarik duit dari akun perdagangan. Terlepas dari tipe account dan jumlah transfer uang, Binomo mengakomodasi setiap pelanggan bagai raja dan mencoba untuk membayar laba trading secepat bisa. Dalam praktiknya, pembayaran membutuhkan waktu 4 hingga 6 jam, sesuai layanan pembayaran.

Kyvat Vibava — Author Trade Strategi

Segala Binomo 회사 sesuatu yang Anda pikirkan akan terwujud cepat atau lambat. Nama saya Kyvat Vibava. Saya tahu semua tentang cara menghasilkan uang dari Opsi Biner.
Saya seorang trader dengan pengalaman luas di pasar keuangan, yang akan saya bagikan dengan Anda.

Di sini Anda akan menemukan informasi terperinci tentang apa itu Binomo dan Olymp Trade.

Untuk setiap pedagang, sangat penting tidak hanya menganalisis grafik dan membaca ulasan, tetapi juga belajar dari kesalahan orang lain. Tentu saja, Anda tidak akan mempelajari segala sesuatu di dunia, tetapi banyak spekulator profesional mencatat bahwa sangat penting untuk membaca biografi jutawan atau pedagang yang sukses.

24 февраля Россия напала на Украину

За почти пять месяцев войны российские военные убили тысячи мирных украинцев: безоружных женщин, мужчин, детей.

За двадцать одну неделю на украинских землях было убито 38 550 российских солдат. Это не их война, но они пришли на нашу землю, и мы вынуждены защищаться.

Прочитайте это обращение до конца — это будет первым шагом, чтобы закончить тот ужас, который Россия начала на украинских землях.

Почему вам лгут и как мы можем это доказать

Чтобы безнаказанно убивать мирных жителей и при этом все еще иметь поддержку россиян, люди у власти каждый день вам врут.

Разберем на примере военного преступления в Кременчуге.

Глава российского МИД Лавров по этому поводу заявил:

«Бомбили ангар, куда прибыло европейское и американское оружие и боеприпасы. В результате детонирования боеприпасов загорелся стоящий рядом пустующий торговый центр».

Разберем эту ложь и остальные спекуляции:

Фейк: взрыв боеприпасов спровоцировал пожар в ТРЦ.
Правда: не совпадает время взрыва, точка удара находится в 500 метрах от завода, точный удар по ТЦ Амстор подтверждает видеозапись с камеры наблюдения.

Фейк: ТРЦ не работал, на стоянке не было машин. Все машины на стоянках без повреждений.
Правда: вот чек за покупку игрушек в ТРЦ, пробитый за несколько часов до ракетного удара. Вот сообщение сотрудников магазина о графике работы магазина и фото уцелевшей одежды.

Видео, где видны неповрежденные машины, снято уже после взрыва, поэтому утверждать, что эти машины стояли там до взрыва нельзя. На этих машинах приехали после взрыва для помощи.

Фейк: женщин на территории ТРЦ не было, только мужчины и военные.
Правда: военные, прибывшие на место пожара, и местная территориальная оборона помогали ликвидировать последствия взрыва. Женщин эвакуировали в первую очередь, но их видно на других фото и видео.

Фейк: это провокация и инсценировка от украинских военных перед саммитом НАТО.
Правда: ТРЦ был атакован авиацией Ту-22м3, выпустившей ракеты Х-22. Ее обломки обнаружили на месте. Это российское оружие.

Прочитайте подробное опровержение фейков о трагедии в Кременчуге:

Нет никаких доказательств того, что на заводе дорожных машин было какое-либо оружие или боеприпасы. Это преступление российской армии против украинцев и никакая ложь этого не скроет.

В чем еще вам лгут российские политики

Это не война, это только спецоперация

Война — это вооруженный конфликт, цель которого — навязать свою волю: свергнуть правительство, заставить никогда не вступить в НАТО, отобрать часть территории. Обо всем этом открыто заявляет Владимир Путин в каждом своем обращении. Но от того, что он называет войну спецоперацией, меньше людей не гибнет.

Россия хочет только защитить ЛНР и ДНР

Российская армия обстреливает города во всех областях Украины, ракеты выпускали во Львов, Ивано-Франковск, Луцк и другие города на западе Украины.

На карте Украины вы увидите, что Львов, Ивано-Франковск и Луцк — это больше тысячи километров от ЛНР и ДНР. Это другой конец страны.

Это места попадания ракет 25 февраля. За пять месяцев их стало гораздо больше во всей Украине.

Центр Украины тоже пострадал — только первого апреля российские солдаты вышли из Киевской области. Мы не понимаем, как оккупация сел Киевской области и террор местных жителей могли помочь Донбасу.

Мотыжин. Братская могила мирных жителей, убитых оккупантами.

Пожалуйста, не отворачивайтесь. Посмотрите, с каким миром пришла на украинские земли российская армия:

Download the Latest Binomo App for PC/Laptop, Android, and IOS

Paul Titus

Boasting over 1,000,000 active traders and working with 30,000,000 successful trades every week, Binomo has become the go-to trading platform for beginners and professionals.

Additionally, consumers have praised the broker for providing high-quality access to the world's financial markets.

The trading platform offers a wide range of options for trading on different devices. In this guide, we'll take a look at Binomo's trading platforms, present the latest download links, and explain how to install the application on your Binomo 회사 device.

The Latest Binomo Download Links for All Devices

The Latest Binomo Download Links for All Devices

In this section, we'll give you the download links for the latest version of the Binomo application so you can start trading immediately.


Users of the iPhone, iPad or other Apple devices can download the Binomo application by clicking on this link. It'll redirect you to the App Store, where you have to tap the install icon to get it on your Apple Device.


Android users can click here to download the Binomo application from their device. It'll take you to the official app page on the Google Play Store. However, it's not the only option to get the app on your Android phone. You can also use an APK file to install the Binomo application.


Huawei users can use this link to find the application on the App Gallery. It's an application store made exclusively for Huawei users. If you can't find it through the link, you can use the Google Play Store to download Binomo on your phone.


Traders can use the Galaxy Store to download the Binomo App on their Samsung phones. Users can find the download link here.


Those that don't have Google Play Store can use the Aptoide app to download Binomo on their phones. They can use this link to find the application on the Aptoide Store.


Apptoko is an alternative app store with a series of apps, ringtones, and other services on your phone. Also, you can download the Binomo app through this store by using this link here.

How to Use Binomo on PC / Laptop?

How to Use Binomo on PC Laptop

Traders can access the Binomo website to use its features on the PC/Laptop. All you need to do is sign in, and you have access to your account. However, if you haven't used Binomo previously, you need to register or make a brand-new trading account.

Unfortunately, there isn't a Binomo desktop app for PC/Laptop Binomo 회사 users. However, they can use the mobile version of the trading platform on a PC or laptop by using third-party software. It gives them the advantage of receiving notifications you wouldn't get from the website.

How to Install Binomo App on PC / Laptop?

How to Install Binomo App on PC Laptop

Traders can use the Binomo app through Bluestacks. It's an android app player which gives you the ability to run android games or applications on PCs.

Here's how to download the Binomo app using Bluestacks.

After waiting for a while, you can access the Binomo app. What's best, you can use the same account on other mobile devices without any issues.

Registration for Binomo: Step-by-Step Guide

Registration for Binomo Step-by-Step Guide

To use the application, users have to register their email. Traders can choose between four registration options based on the device and digital registration mode.

Let's take a look at each one of them:





Binomo Mobile App: How to Download it on Mobile Devices?

Binomo Mobile App - How to Download it on Mobile Devices

Traders can download the Binomo mobile application to use the platform on your Android, IOS, and other devices. Also, the app doesn't have any specific differences from the web version. Indicators, chart types, and other tools share the same functionality as the website.

To begin trading on the go, users can follow these steps to download the Binomo application:


The Binomo trading app only works on Android 5.0 and above. Likewise, the iPhone and iPad require iOS 11.0 or later to be compatible with the application.

What is Binomo APK, And Why Should You Download It?

The Binomo APK is an installation file on mobile devices that'll give users an Binomo 회사 alternate route to download the application. In certain countries, the promotion of fixed-time trading isn't allowed on the official application, so APKs are the best solution for Android users.

Here are some additional benefits of downloading the application by using an APK:

Those interested can download the Binomo APK by clicking here.

How to Download the Binomo Application by using an APK?

Traders can download the Binomo application from an APK by following these instructions:


In short, anybody can find a suitable app to begin trading on Binomo from their device. However, if you're struggling to install the application from our download link, you can check out the official Binomo website to get the app on your device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Why can't I register my email or phone number on Binomo?

Ans: You can't use the same email or phone number to make another Binomo account. In such cases, it's better to use another email to create an account, or you can contact Binomo support, and they'll assist you in any way possible.

Q. Is it safe to send data to Binomo during registration?

Ans: Yes, Binomo takes the steps needed to ensure the security of your data.

To specify, all your information is stored in an encrypted format on servers kept at data centers. And these servers fully comply with TIA-942 and PCI DS and follow international safety standards.

On top of that, data centers are protected technically and guarded physically around the clock by specially audited security personnel.

Q. Why does the Play Store stop me from downloading the app?

Ans: Users may not have a compatible device that supports the Binomo app. In other words, your phone might have an operating system under Android 5.0. Likewise, your iPhone or iPad could be below iOS 11.0. You can check this in your phone settings.

Also, you can't install the Binomo app on phones that don't have sufficient storage space. Therefore, check if you have 20 MB of storage space. If you don't, you'll need to create space by deleting apps or files on your phone.

Q. Do I need to verify my identity to use the Binomo app?

Ans: No, you don't need to verify your identity to use the Binomo app on any platform. All you need to do is register using an email or phone number, and you get access to the demo account for trading.

However, if you want to invest real money into the account, you'll need to submit identity proof and documents.

Q. How to confirm my email during registration?

Ans: You can confirm your email after registering your account. Once you register, you will receive an email confirmation letter. If you can't find it in your inbox, check the promotion and spam folders.

Click on the "Send Again" option in the account settings to receive the email. After receiving the mail, open it and click on "confirm email." It'll redirect you to the website and show the confirmation message on your account.

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Risk Warning:

We do not provide any investment advice and we are not responsible for any losses caused by your trading activity.

Fixed time trading and CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. You should consider whether you understand how online trading works and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Advertiser Disclosure:
Our website is free for everyone, but we earn a commission from some of the brokers, with no additional cost to you. Please use our link to open your account so that we can continue to provide broker reviews and other useful information for free.


Binomo is a binary options trading platform that offers smart investment services from $10 to Indians and investors around the world and free training. They provide a free demo account of $1,000. You can trade from $1 on many instruments, and get up to 95% payout if your forecast is correct.

Today we are going to carry out an in-depth review of another broker that offers a wide range of trading instruments for binary options in India. The broker in question can be found on, however, Binomo is simply the brand name of the company Tiburon Corporation Limited. A company incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Seychelles (registration number 187026), with their head office in Victoria (Seychelles ).
Tiburon Corporation Limited, which is the actual company in charge of the supply of service, also has a managing company in charge of operations. The operating company is Stagord Resources Ltd, and it is registered in the Republic of Cyprus with registration number HE 338508. Their address is based in Nicosia (Cyprus ).
I hope that was not too much to take in? In a nutshell, what that meant is that the company is registered in 2 different locations, probably for the advantages each nation brings, for both operational and general service delivery. Keeping things simple we’ll refer to the company by her brand name “Binomo”.

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The Binomo trading platform is offered in English and Hindi. They provide us as web-based, android mobile, and ios mobile apps, which can be downloaded from the app stores. Experience with the trading platform was an amazing yet simple user interface, easy to navigate, yet presenting an awesome user experience. So, Binomo 회사 are you new to options trading and you’re kind of dazzled by the presentation of some trading platforms out there? Well, the Binomo trading platform is built with you in mind. You can start trading by simply selecting an asset you are interested in; enter the amount you will like to invest on that particular asset; set an expiration period for the transaction, and determine the direction of movement for your chosen asset.
Haven come this far, you may conclude by clicking on either one of the two up (green) or down (red) buttons that are inclined to your anticipated forecast. The results of your trades are displayed in the transactions window, with profits or loss added or deducted from your account balance as the case may be.

I will recommend newbies and experienced traders alike to trade on their demo account which is absolutely free. It’s an easy and cost-effective way to get familiarize with the platform.
Again, it is strongly recommended that Indian clients of Binomo binary options trading read through the client agreement. There you will find useful information regarding trading that should not be overlooked. The company strongly frown against multiple account registration, and have strict penalties in place for anyone found wanting.
For a smooth live trading experience, it is important that traders use a very strong internet connection as the company cannot guarantee that the quotes on the trading platform cannot serve as a reliable source of quoting information in the case of bad internet connection. This can be found under clause 4.1 and 4.2 “Quotes” of the client agreement.

The chart below presents the general outlook of the Binomo trading platform.

Binomo trading platform

Indicators and Drawing Tools

The indicator and drawing tools are nicely placed at the bottom left corner of the trading platform as shown in the chart below. A good number of technical indicators are at the disposal of the trader to estimate the market direction. Among these are the Moving average, MACD, Bollinger bands, Alligator and RSI etc. These indicators can be easily attached to any asset of your choice loaded on the chart.
The drawing tools can be found on the same panel as an icon with a cup and drawing

tools in it. This is also shown in the image below. Simply click on the cup icon to display and use drawing tools like segment, continuous, Line, Ray and Horizontal etc. if you are into establishing support and resistant lines on your chart.

Time-frames and Chart types

The chart can be toggled between different chart types, depending on how you want your chart to be presented. You have the choice of mountain, candlesticks, line, or bar charts on different timeframes ranging from 1 second to 5-minute charts.

Instruments offered for trading

At Binomo, you can trade binary options on stock indices, shares, commodities, different currency pairs, and crypto index. Click on the plus symbol beside the default asset open to view other available assets, as shown in the chart below.

Types of Accounts

The team at Binomo created a low barrier to entry in the industry of binary options trading through different account types. These include demo, standard, gold, and VIP accounts. Let’s take a closer look at what these accounts have to offer.

Demo Account

Their Free $1000 demo account is a perfect tool for those who new to binary options trading. It’s an account to get your feet wet as well as for training and practising a trading strategy. This is the gateway to Binomo’s full functionality. Just in case you run out of funds on your demo account, by a simple click of the refresh button beside your account balance display.

However, I must warn that have read their client agreement, the demo servers are mostly different from the real account servers, and it does not totally take the place of practising with real money, where your emotions are at play. This Binomo 회사 is partly why at Binomo, they have a second account called the “Standard account”.

Standard Account

This is in my opinion, an account suitable for all traders, whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader. My reason is that you can start trading with as little as $10. Subscribing to a standard account grant you access to the most liquid assets, and experience the real potentials of the Binomo trading platform, and most importantly making a profit. With a standard account, you can start trading with as little as $1 per trade; you are eligible to participate in trading competitions; withdraw profits within 3 working days, and enjoy a wide range of bonuses.

Gold Account

Opening a gold account opens more opportunities for traders to leverage off, thereby increasing profit potentials. What I find attractive about the gold account is the 5% weekly cashback.

VIP Account

Large fund managers are not left out. For traders that require exclusivity and want insurance on their capital, Binomo presents investment insurance tools for your use. Also included are analytical support and of course, being able to withdraw your profits within 4hours max.

Commissions & Fees

Trading binary options on the Binomo platform does not attract any commission or spreads on transactions. However, according to clause 2.14 of the client agreement the company will charge a 10% withdrawal fee in the case where a client decides to withdraw all or part of his/her fund without making double his/her initial deposit.

Minimum deposit and requirements

The minimum allowable deposit for carrying out trades is $10 being offered on the standard account, however, you can enter a trade with as low as $1. Requirements for deposit are simply the KYC (Know your customer) policy which the company has the right to demand from her clients. More information on this can be found in “clause 1.5 “of the client article. Generally speaking, documents required are a form of identification and utility bills.


At Binomo you get leverage in the form of bonuses. The company is giving out 10 options in the amount of $150. This is an offer for all new traders from India on the Binomo service. Different account types have bonuses allocated to them. Go to the link to account types to find out more about such bonuses. Follow this link to get further information regarding bonuses and offers.
The maximum Payout offered is 95% however levels vary depending on the volatility of asset and account type. Again, visit the account section to for more info on these.

Promotions & Bonuses

Binomo Bonus

Binomo is giving away deposit bonuses. Please check their website for promotions.

Deposit and withdrawal options

Payment and withdrawal can be made using Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro. Other payment alternatives are Neteller, Qiwi wallet, and a range of cryptocurrencies.
I recommend Neteller to Indian traders as a deposit option.

Customer Support

Binomo has efficient online customer support via phone, live chat and email that is available during the week. You can also ask questions and have a ticket created for your inquiry on this link

Binomo Review – Summary

The Binomo binary options trading service platform is a great company to consider when looking for an options trading broker for India. They offer a $10 low barrier to entry in the binary options trading industry. Start with a $1000 demo account and gradually upgrade to a standard account for newbies, but I will recommend a gold account for the more seasoned trader. Reading the customer agreement cannot be overemphasized, this is applicable to all trading service providers. Have a successful experience, trading with Binomo options broker.

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